Tech Review: 1st Impression of Portable (phone) Solar Charger

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6 thoughts on “Tech Review: 1st Impression of Portable (phone) Solar Charger

  1. nice post man… thinking of getting one too before i hit the road… looking forward to more tech reviews 🙂 regards to the entire crew of CM

    1. Thanks. One thing I know for sure is that if I want to use it as my sole device charger, it’s making me very conscientious of how I use my phone/ipod etc. like turning off the wifi when not in use, etc. After topping the solar charger up to 100% overnight via usb to pc, I charged up my ipod touch from 25% to 100%, and used up 1/4 of the charger reserve. Now it’s sitting in the sun, we’ll see how long it takes to get back to 100% charge. =) I even laid it out in the sun when I was doing tai chi this morning.

  2. My Dad bought me a Pico FreeLoader solar charger for christmas for my trip. We haven’t had much Sun in the UK for a while so haven’t been able to test it well but will be getting lots of testing from next week!

    The cool thing is you can charge it by USB like the model in your review. Now that I have read your review though, its probably a good idea for me to waste the juice on my phone (HTC Desire Z) and see if I can get a full charge out of the solar charger!

    Will make a note to update you after a couple of weeks of how it fairs while on the road!

    1. Cool, Will! Nice to hear from a fellow (geek) traveler! I’m talking the ears off of Team Chiang Mai, with all my tech talk.. Yeah, I hope the little gadget I got will hold up, and charge up faster under direct sunlight. I guess solar panels of this size and price point aren’t as efficient as we’d like them to be… but at least it’s a step in the right direction..hopefully one day I can have my gadgets be charged 100% by the sun… Have you seen the puma phone? (not in US mkt), back is a solar panel. Avg phone, but cool feature. Cheers!

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