Travel Tuesday Spotlight: New Blog- “Wander to Wonder”

On this “Travel Tuesday,” we wanted to welcome our dear friend, Cristine, to the travel blogging party, ahem, community.  Cristine is one of a handful of non-blogging world travelers we have befriended here in Chiang Mai, and after much encouragement (or prodding), it looks like she’s ready to join the party.  Oh, we often call her “Filipina Cristine,” since we have at least three in our group!

We’ve met so many impressive young people (does not mean WE are over the hill, mind you) on our journey, and Cristine is no exception.  She’s able to work “location independent,” and has no qualms about traveling to new places on her own.  She may come across as somewhat soft-spoken in larger groups, but we got a dose of her sincere, fun-loving personality during our 10 person road trip to Chiang Rai and Mae Sai.  That road trip alone is worthy of a post in itself, and we really enjoyed her company.  She’s even gained an interest in practicing yoga & tai chi with our humble group.  Very cool.

We hope that you will come to know her as we have, as a very genuine, soft-spoken yet daring, and a very easy person to get along with.  Please say “Howdy” to Filipina Cristine by visiting and commenting on her new blog, “Wander to Wonder,”; offer words of encouragement, and chat with her via Twitter as well.  Just don’t bring up the topic of Prince William getting hitched.  😉

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From White Temple, Chiang Rai, Thailand, with Team Chiang Mai


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