GotPassport is Participating in “PostADay2011”

Happy 01.01.11 everyone!!  Finally, a day in which those who use MM/DD and DD/MM date formats can finally get along!  🙂

We came across the WordPress Blog entitled the Daily Post, and we really like the idea of blogging about any given topic daily.  Given that there’s two of us writing, and that we have plenty of stories and photos to share, we declare that we shall participate in WordPress’s little experiment for 2011.

Plus, this falls right in line with my most recent New Year’s Resolution post where one of my goals was to write more frequently.  Can’t get more often than daily, eh?

While this seems like a daunting challenge right now, I feel this is no different a challenge than our move from Texas to Thailand way back in 2010 (remember those good ol’ days?).  First reactions to such a challenge seem to be, “How the heck will we accomplish that?” and “Too many logistical issues to deal with…” etc.

Well, you never know till you try.  No more collecting countless drafts just lying there neglected in a pile.  So, here we go, taking the plunge, and clicking ‘Publish!’

How to sign up: PostADay / PostAWeek | The Daily Post at

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