Jack’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

Warning: This blog post is without pretty photos, or a bunch of hyperlinks, because Bubba is too lazy to do them right now.  Plus, if you can’t read a blog post without a glossy photo, then perhaps this post ain’t for you. =)

As a Psychologist (The professing/teaching kind, not the “Dr. Pheel” kind), I don’t believe that the New Year’s Resolution (NYR – because Bubba’s lazy) process really works.  I know that sounds cynical, but it’s true.  The vast majority of people FAIL in their NYR attempts – whether it be getting in shape, going on a diet, or wanting to accomplish more via a bucket list of some kind.  With that said, it’s always good to look back at one’s goals, then look forward.

Let’s “Grade” Professor Jack’s Resolutions List for 2010, which was written back in January, and see how I did:

  1. Register M for her new international school.  Yes!   A+
  2. Finalize with my college to teach online while overseas. No and Yes.  My full time employer in Texas dumped me for wanting to live overseas, but my part time college employer in WA state embraced it.  All’s good!  A-
  3. Foster contacts in Thailand for future service projects.  Yes, and the opportunities are growing!  Grade: Incomplete.
  4. Sort things we’ll take, toss, store, or recycle.  Our Ebay account is going to get busy!  Done! A+
  5. Gather clothing and other items for donation, most likely to Houston area Burmese refugees.  Done!  A+
  6. Learn photography, from step 1.  We bought our first DSLR, let’s see how we’ll put it to good use… A has put the camera to good use, but we both need to learn much much more.  Grade: Incomplete.
  7. Put our town house on the market.  Yes!  House was leased to a lovely family.  A++
  8. Sell both cars in early summer.  Yes!  A+
  9. Find a place to live in Thailand.  Done!  A+
  10. Lastly, make more time to contribute to our family blog.  My wife, A., has done a great job running our blog, and I want to play a greater supportive role, and to show y’all I do more than just drive us around! 🙂  Errr, need to work on that.  Copy and paste to 2011 list…   C-/D+

Now, on to 2011…

I honestly do like the “eternal hope” that comes with every turn of the new calendar year.  It’s a natural cycle of the human existence, like being a sports fan (of a losing team).  Totally illogical, but we all seem to do it.  It’s just another day on the calendar really, no different than any other (why not March 3rd?), but for most of us, it represents a fresh start in life… So, with this blank page, with no idea where it’s headed, let me see if I can make a list of resolutions for myself in the coming year… Oh, remember, this is Bubba’s LIST, not meant to be a prescription for anyone else, so get your own NYR list!!

In no particular order of significance, here it is, the  my NYR List (Hey I teach, gotta use bullet points, it’s an affliction):

  • I’ll leave out the obvious “Do Better” Resolutions, like being a better parent, spouse, teacher, learner, and picking up Thai…working out more, tai chi daily…Doh!  I just did…Let’s move on.
  • Instead of doing “more,” I want to focus on doing “fewer” things, but just doing them better.  I’m not going to make a public declaration of my specific goals (like working with more local community orgs), as I’d rather just do them than talk about doing them.  Heck, then I shouldn’t even write this post.  I’m confused!
  •  needs to be less of a perfectionist.  It prevents me from starting things because I imagine it has to be perfect, thus it must require tons of time, which I don’t have.  (Yes, I used the word “tons.”  What a waste of grad school dollars).
  • obsession with mobile tech is burning a hole in the brain, and his marriage.  No, I don’t plurge for the $500 smartphone with a gazzillion-or a dozen- megapixels (Yes, phone, you know who you are), and spend money I don’t have; but I do have a bad habit of buying gadgety stuff and not telling Mrs. GotPassport until after I click “Buy it Now.”  It’s the obsessive ‘hunt’ that takes up too many hours (Thanks Ebay/Amazon!) that I could be spending saving the world, getting a good night’s sleep, or tweeting Bubba-isms instead.  Gotta stop the impulsive shopping, doesn’t help the ol’ marriage, Bubba.  Rechannel, must rechannel that energy.
  •  will work on accepting people as they are (today), and not let it get to me that they SHOULD be someone they’re not.  If a dude is a jerk, then he’s a jerk, and not try to analyze (professional hazard) why he’s a jerk and what I can do to tell him off so he’ll learn a lesson from me telling him off so he’ll be less of a jerk tomorrow.  Yeah right.  People are who they are today, and it’s just better not to judge, and accept that fact.  I’m not naming who these jerks are, but if you ARE one of the jerks and are reading this, then shame on you for being a jerk.  Hey, it’s still December, so I’ll be more accepting on Jan. 1.  I bet I’ll get anxious emails asking “Hey, were you talking about me?”  Listen, if you do that, then you’re probably a jerk.  Sorry, I won’t be saying things like that in 2011.
  •  needs to visit the local Monk Chats more often.  At Wat Suan Dok in Chiang Mai, the student monks there attend a Buddhist University, and many participate in “Monk Chat” by which they can practice their English, but mostly discuss Buddhism with visitors.  Being around monks makes me feel peaceful.  Can’t explain it.  Speaking to them and talking about life is.. well.. enlightening (Bubba was too lazy to look in his thesaurus).  I asked many questions that came to mind, like “Why don’t monks seem to get pissed off?”  and “How is it you guys are allowed to use cell phones?” and “Say, is that a Nokia you have there?”  I think I’ll keep going to Monk Chats.  I like the idea of having monks as friends.  We’ve already begun an email correspondence, which I think is totally cool.  What’s also cool is that M has become their adopted mascot, and they want to teach her to speak Thai and Burmese.  Way cool.  Where’s that thesaurus!
  •  is also thinking that our family blog should have more frequent, if not shorter, posts throughout each week.  Short, quality entries posted at least weekly would be a great improvement over our “When was our last post?” strategy.  Both me and Mrs. GotPassport are quite perfectionists when it comes to our blog posts (‘cos we don’t want to lose face I guess, with too many typos and such), so brevity might be the way to go..

Happy 2011 everyone, and hopes your New Year’s Resolutions make it beyond February.  🙂


P.S., no mind altering substances were consumed during the writing of this blog entry, unless you count ….

We Say NO to Status Quo.

Live Small.  Live Green.  Give Large.  Take Little.

Take Notice.  Take Action.


3 thoughts on “Jack’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

  1. If you decide to go Dr. Phil on me, I’ll be your first guest, So maybe I don’t have a husband that I met on SugarDaddy.com nor do neglect my non-existent children. However, I’m sure I could come up with a good story or two 😉

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