Yee Peng Festival 2010 Round-up by “Team Chiang Mai”

This 2010 year is quite a remarkable one for us GotPassports.  On this Thanksgiving Day (the American one, for you international viewers), we’re pausing, ever -so-briefly, to reflect on our new friendships in Chiang Mai, Thailand, of all places…

We’ve created quite a community of both locals and travelers from around the world, ever since we moved here in July.  At first, our “Team” consisted of us, “Lt. Dan,” “Drifting,” I mean Dave, and “Skinny” aka Dustin, who came through briefly, then quickly followed by Kyle and Bessie.  We thought it would be fun to keep in touch via a Facebook page, and thus “Team Chiang Mai” was created (Thank you Drifting for taking credit for the name, haha).  We often use the Twitter hashtag, “#TeamCM.”


We had no intention, or expectation, that our humble group of friends, and subsequent Facebook page, would suddenly grow to nearly 90 members, and the Chiang Mai Twitter stream is now cluttered, I mean, active, with chatter amongst our community.   It seems that many world travelers are putting Chiang Mai on their itinerary!  We’d like to think it’s because of us.  =)

Lanterns lit up at Three Kings Monument

Now on to the “Round-up” (First time writing one, hope we do it right… and why does it sound like a weed killer anyway?).  If you have been following any of our TeamCM bloggers this week, you probably noticed we’ve all been enamored by Chiang Mai’s “Yee Peng” Festival.  I’m sure you’ll hear and read about us using many superlatives (not “hyperbole” ) to describe how we felt about witnessing such an event, so I’ll spare you the usual “Wows” and “Amazings” for now.  I’ll also save you the history lesson of the Lantern Festival (cuz A wrote one here), as you’ll also get plenty of that in the round-up of posts we’re about to share.

If you’re lazy like me (J speaking, as if you couldn’t tell), wouldn’t you rather listen and watch a brief preview video of the blogs from Team Chiang Mai?  I thought so.  Now sit back, relax, grab a cold one (drink, not person… don’t like cold people), and click away at the list of the respective links from our friends, after this video preview:

So, wasn’t that time well spent?  Aren’t you inspired to visit us in Chiang Mai?  If you answered “Yes” and “Yes” then obviously you have too much time on your hands and you have no friends…. Oh, hey, just kidding.  I meant, come on by and follow us (but no stalking, please) Tweeps individually via our sites, or meet us in the Team Chiang Mai page on Facebook!  Especially if you want to get all the “inside jokes’ within this post.   (This was THE BEST ROUND-UP EVER!)



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12 thoughts on “Yee Peng Festival 2010 Round-up by “Team Chiang Mai”

  1. Everyone is in Chiang Mai. I’m so jealous… I need a Team South America….and we could all be puppets in our own movie…and a song…Team South America f**k yeah! has a nice ring to it…

    Okay lame comment, but really I am jealous!

  2. Thanks Prof. Jack for including us ans spreading the word. Really special that we all got to participate in it! So happy to have a Team Chiang Mai travel family!!

  3. Thanks so much for including me in the round-up, sharing the post (and the event, and Chiang Mai) with so many wonderful people! It’s been a great experience being a part of #TeamCM, even if for only a little while!

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