Travel Tech Video Blog #0002: Thai SIM Card “Promotions”

I’m willing to bet that most travelers to Thailand buy some random carrier’s SIM card, and when the credits (or days) expire, they just go to a nearby Seven-Eleven and add more money to their account.  That’s what we – and most of our friends – did when we first arrived.  We figured that was all we needed to know…

Simple, right?  Nothing to it, you say?  Sure, if you’re only here for a week, that will do.  But, if you’re here for a month or more, you’ll soon realize that you get fewer days (shorter expiration dates) each time to add money/credit (or “top off” your phone).  This happened to many of us over time, and even though there’s money in our accounts, our phones are useless because the SIM card’s validity status had “expired.”  Very frustrating, as we’d Tweet each other saying “Uh, dude, I can’t call you, my phone’s expired…need add more bahts to revive it.”

In my first Travel Tech Video, “Will Your Phone Work Overseas?”  I started with the basics of GSM phones and whether your phone would be compatible with your destination overseas.  Now, I want to talk about my experiences in the past few months trying to make sense of the how the “Thai SIM cards” work.  I know, you just plug the card into the phone, yada, yada, what’s the big deal… But there’s more to it than that…

So, in the following video, I will do my best to explain and describe the options that you may use for your phone, which hopefully will end up saving you money, time and frustration… and your phone will be there (and alive) when you need it.

Note: Somehow I manage to get 5 minutes of information into an 11 minute video.  I blame it on being an educator, which means I like hearing myself talk… But I promise those 11 minutes will be worth it!

Click here for video link if embedded video does not appear:

Thailand Cell Carrier Websites:








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