My Pumpkin Curry From Chiang Mai, Thailand

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10 thoughts on “My Pumpkin Curry From Chiang Mai, Thailand

  1. This curry was a big hit tonight during our farewell party from Berlin! The pumpkin here is much less orange so it didn’t look quite as colorful as yours, but it was still very tasty. Thanks so much for passing on the recipe to all of us!

  2. That first shot of the pumpkins totally floored me. Insane cool! But the shots of your cooking it made me hungry. Fortunately, Korea does have these kinds of pumpkins and it is in season. Your recipe might be something I might try if I have time.

  3. YES! I’m so glad you posted the recipe, especially after I’ve been drooling over Kyle & Bessie’s tweets about the dish. I’m also excited that it’s fall here in North America and I can make this ASAP. Wee! Will let you know how it turns out. Miss you guys!

  4. OMG, that looks so awesome. When I was in Chiang Mai I took one of those elephant, hike, river/raft treks and the tour guides stopped at a market on our way out. They bought some pumpkin and the first night out they stir fried it with chicken. It was unbelievable, but that curry looks even better.

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