M Is In Chiang Mai

My name is M and I live in Chiang Mai. It is very fun to live in Chiang Mai.

Woohoo! Watermelon Smoothie!


I have 2 friends and their names are Elizabeth and Jekky. They are our neighbors.  My daddy teaches Jekky English every day for one hour.

My favorite thing to do is going to the market because I get to eat Ancient ice cream.

M and "Ms. Bessie" enjoying "Ancient Ice Cream"


I like to play at the playground.

I like going with daddy sometimes as teacher’s assistant when he teaches ESL at a local school.

Daddy at my school


I miss my big stuffed animal , Kelly. I don’t like the squat toilets. I like that we have a big fridge. What I don’t like is that I don’t have my own room.

I had 2 field trips to the zoo and the buffalo camp with my friends from school.

I want to go back to Cambodia because there are steep stairs.

Let's count the PEACE signs, shall we?


I like my school because I get to go swimming. I enjoy handwriting. Grammar is my favorite subject.

Placement Testing - Passed with Flying Colors


18 thoughts on “M Is In Chiang Mai

  1. Hi M,

    You are so charming. I am so glad that you have wonderful time in Chiang Mai but I miss you. Love Daw Daw.

  2. Wonderful blog post! I look forward to meeting you when I visit Chiang Mai in December. I can’t wait to talk to you about the movie Madagascar.


  3. Remember, M, once you are taller than you mom, you can do anything you want (including eating ice cream and watermelon shakes all day long). That’s the rule!

    Of course, to get taller, you may have to eat more vegetables and eat what your parents tell you to. After that, though, it’s Ice Cream City! 🙂

  4. Hi M!

    Great post! It looks like Chiang Mai is a great place to live. Can’t wait to meet you and your parents when we arrive in November. Our son Cole is 7 months old, so maybe we can go to the playground together. He’s never been in a swing before!


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