What In The World Is ‘Kow Ku Kapeet’?

I love food and maybe my series on  All Kinds of Yummy Food may have hinted that a wee bit!    Two years ago when I came to Chiang Mai with my mother, the monks at Wat Si Moon (a Burmese temple) near Chiang Mai gate told us to go eat at a nearby small restaurant, a few doors down from the temple.    The monks told us that Burmese boys work there and  that we could even order in Burmese.

Since then we’ve gone back there when we were here in 2009 and now that we live here, we like to go there for breakfast/lunch once a week!  🙂

What do we order there each time?  We order Kow Ku Kapeet (t is silent).  One of the many dishes I love here in Thailand.  I have a picture for you here so you can drool on your computer.. hee heee!

What’s all in it you wondered!?

It is a rice dish and the rice is mixed with shrimp paste and has a nice savory flavor to it.  The Thais call this shrimp paste Kapeat and we Burmese call it Ngapeat- ‘OK close enough’ I say!

Don’t let the fish paste fool you into NOT trying it.  It’s quite yummy!

Other ingredients that make this Thai dish so good are:

  • thinly sliced fried eggs
  • thinly sliced mangoes
  • thinly sliced onions
  • sliced chili peppers
  • cilantro
  • lime
  • sliced cucumbers
  • pork cooked with tasty gravy

You’d want to mix it all together like a salad.  You could also add a tangy, sweet tamarind sauce to the mix (recommended) and Voila!

It is  25B = 83 cents.

We eat here at least once a week after we drop off  M at school and after we go to one of my favorite markets.  More on these markets another time,  eh!?

Where: Located near Chiang Mai gate  to the west of Wat Si Moon, this tiny restaurant is sandwiched between a children’s store (look for a large sign with “Welcome” greetings in many languages) and a mechanic shop (look for Mischelin man auto shop) with a tree right in the center of the opening of the restaurant.

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