International Peace Day

Today, 21 September 2010, is marked as International Day of Peace  and a global call for ceasefire and non-violence.

To our surprise, we were able to involve ourselves in our own way of recognizing this World Peace Day.  And proudly, M also participated with her classmates at her school.

You can learn more by visiting UN International Peace Day on FB here.  Find out what citizens around the world are doing to participate.  What will you do?

“Today is International Day of Peace – Hold PEACE in your heart, imagine it, think it, pray for it, live it, breathe it, AND work for it.  May the world truly knows peace, someday!”  ~Ellen Tenney




Today and everyday,  I count my blessings.   Today and everyday, I will continue to (and teach my child to) stand-up for the countless human beings (men, women elders and children) around the world with hopes and dreams of living in Peace, one day!

3 thoughts on “International Peace Day

  1. That’s really nice that they celebrated at M’s school. If only everyone saw the world through the eyes of a child- I think it would be much less violent.

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