Walking Night Markets of Chiang Mai- Beginner’s Video Guide


We’ve put together a very short and simple narrated guide of the walking night markets in Chiang Mai, Thailand.   It’s meant to be a beginner’s guide to the area, places to get started.  Once you’re here for a while, you will discover other countless day and night markets in the area.  If not, then you’re just not trying!

Why did we create this?  Well, a new friend came to town, known as @Bloggeries on Twitter, and for some reason I just had a tough time describing the places we would meet.  Two guys with poor directional skills, go figure, right?  Anyway, I create these short videos often for my online classes, and suddenly a light bulb went off, and decided to create a short and simple guide, with a map, showing @Bloggeries where we’ll be meeting up.

Let us know if you like it, and if you do, we’ll make more, and jazz them up a bit (with pics and special effects!).



11 thoughts on “Walking Night Markets of Chiang Mai- Beginner’s Video Guide

    1. Hey Eric,
      I recommend getting the “Nancy Chandler” map I mentioned, but did not use in the video. It’s very user friendly, readable, and lists many places to see, objectively, as they don’t sell ads apparently. Cheers!

  1. There is also a food stall market at the Southeast corner of the moat that I stumbled upon last night (Wednesday) … lots of variety … had a quarter chicken for 45 baht!

  2. Way to go, Professor J, rock those powerpoint/ video programs! What’s the video voice program you use?

    I always forget about going to the Night Bazaar – I wonder if there are good food stalls around there?

    1. Hey Teacher Bessie! I used to use a wonderful, robust program called Camtasia (not for macs though), but with a college’s license, as it’s expensive to purchase. So, I tried Jing (they have free and pro version for $15/yr), http://www.techsmith.com/jing/, which was what I used for the map video. The only limitations are that videos are limited to 5 minutes, but conversion to Youtube is pretty fast, and files end up about 20MB or so. You can narrate slide shows i Keynote, but it’s not a real ‘screen capture’ since it’s limited to what you can do inside of keynote. Google maps has the cool my maps feature, where you can make videos with the map, and add photos to points of interest, like a tour basically. Might try that soon… =)

  3. Thanks for the comment, Lillian! Yes, we agree that getting ‘lost’ is great fun…we’ll often discover something great, then try to ‘relocate’ it on our map later… I highly encourage getting ‘lost!’ =)

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