I’m going to NokiaWorld, 2010!! Virtually speaking…

I got quite the surprise on September 10th.  It was a phone call from the DHL delivery guy.  No, we’re not friends (not yet anyway), but he said a package was delivered from the UK.  Well, the only packages I get from the UK via DHL are Nokia trial phones via WOMWorldNokia, but I wasn’t expecting a phone now, so…..

So, the Gotpassport family eagerly tore open the package with great anticipation.  We couldn’t even wait to get into our apartment, as the package was “unboxed” in the elevator!  It was for Nokiaworld, 2010!

Nokiaworld 2010 will be held in London on Sept. 14th and 15th.  I knew I couldn’t attend in person (whah!), but the Womworld team made me feel very much included with their Nokiaworld “Virtual Attendee Package.”  Very creative, y’all!

A great T-shirt that I can finally wear to work, since it has a Tie!

Tie, pocket with phone, and tag. 100% Geek Chique!
My new favorite T-shirt, in bright blue!


A bag of goodies, as if I were attending the conference!

Goodies that came with the package!

Yes, five, count them, FIVE 3D glasses (instructions to be sent on Sept. 14th in an upcoming email), my Virtual Attendee badge/lanyard (yes, I will be sporting this around, as I am 100% geekness).  The back of the white badge describes how the virtual attendee can follow the live event in London, starting 9am, London Time, on Sept. 14 (www.events.noka.com/nokiaworld).  With five pairs of 3D glasses, I’ll have to share a few with our Chiang Mai Team members, so they can geek out as well!



Thanks, WomWorld!

Finally, I wanted to say a few words about the WomWorldNokia Team.  Say what you will about Nokia phones, but this is an amazing and creative marketing team.  It’s the only free trial program that I know of that will offer you phones to try out (DHL of course) for 2 weeks, with no obligation other than to talk about your experiences with it (good, bad and the ugly) with your social media contacts.  That’s it!  You don’t have to be a professional tech blogger!  They will also include you on several surprises, like sending trial users a Cadbury chocolate bunny for Easter, and the Augmented Reality ‘thing’ (just click to see a pic of M and me), where we held up a special card which in a webcam on their site, makes it look like we’re holding a real phone…

Here are the Nokia products I was fortunate to trial via Womworld.  They were kind enough to share my blog posts to their site:

Nokia 5800, E75, E72, Booklet 3G Netbook, and N900


See if you can spot me around Chiang Mai, Thailand, with the bright Nokia shirt!  I’m fairly sure there won’t be many of us!


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8 thoughts on “I’m going to NokiaWorld, 2010!! Virtually speaking…

  1. Super kind words about the team there Jack. It’s really, really appreciated 🙂
    Glad you like the pack too – I’ve been rocking the 3D glasses around the office for a couple of days now 😉

    1. Hey James,
      Thanks for stopping by our humble blog… I take it you’re a part of Womworld? I don’t know all the team members, but you all do a great job, like I said in the post. I’m wondering what the other guys are doing… but I don’t see anything like Nokia does, in their social outreach. Looking forward to NokiaWorld!

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