Our Super-Duper-Tiggrific “Bucket List”

Every travel blog has a “Bucket list”  it seems.   We’re too lazy to write one, but we’ve decided this is just as good of a geography lesson as it is a bucket list!   YOU LIKE??

Message to M:  This video goes very well with that shower curtain doesn’t it, Em??

We Say No to the Status Quo

Live Small.  Live Green.  Give Large.  Take Little.

Take Notice.  Take Action.


19 thoughts on “Our Super-Duper-Tiggrific “Bucket List”

  1. Hahaha, this is probably one of the best bucket lists I’ve seen, I applaud your laziness in writing one and letting the animaniacs do it instead, genius! Certainly covers all the country listing anyway. I might knick this idea when I ever get round to writing mine.

    1. I think laziness breeds creativity… We work double time to create short cuts, haha.. like students who spend night and day scheming ways to cheat.. ends up being more work than studying. Anyway, got on a tangent. Thanks for the comment!

  2. This is AWESOME Aye, thanks! In 5th grade we learned a song to learn all the States in alphabetical order and thanks to that I can STILL name them all without ever missing any. I just might try to learn this one too! There was a great one for prepositions too, but I only remember the first verse.

    When we got to Asia I felt a great fondness for all the names, which was pretty awesome. They were nothing but names to me a year ago! 🙂

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