Breakfast in Chiang Mai

I know you’re wondering what we are eating here in Chiang Mai after living in Texas for 30+ years (only 7 for Emma though). It’s different if we were vacationing in Thailand. We’re not. We live here now and we feel it is important to maintain some consistency in our diet and to continue being aware of what we put in our bodies, even here in Thailand. It is much harder to do here as there are few organic food choices, as well as this other problem. We are not able to read Thai- just yet. We religiously read labels and we are feeling quite deficient at the moment.

I’m sure that over time we will be able to figure things out slowly. For now we are sticking to what’s safe and nutritious for all of us on a daily basis.

We have eaten a variety of Thai breakfast including corn, various versions of sticky rice and even Khao Soi (which is my personal favorite for any meal of the day).

Here is the Asian variation of our breakfast on a daily basis here in Chiang Mai.

The Kettle has a variety of use for us here in Thailand. We use it to boil water for drinking as well as veggies, eggs and breakfast. The Oatmeal is not organic but this is what we are able to find. Black Sesame is a favorite of mine so we add some of that to the oatmeal. We also add the flaxseed meal we brought with us from the states. We usually have juice or soy milk and fruits to go along with it during breakfast. And waaa laaaa we have a healthy and fiber-filled breakfast!

I just bought some passion fruit from the market yesterday. I’ll let ya know how the juice turns out in my Magic Bullet. Sigh, NO Vita Mix. Still can’t get over it.

More food updates coming from the restaurants we are frequenting to the street vendors, night markets, Burmese restaurants, to whatever I am experimenting in my Non-kitchen ( I have a counter, a sink and a microwave!!)

So stayed tuned and cheers from Thailand.

We Say No to Status Quo.

Live Small. Live Green. Give Large. Take Little.

Take Notice. Take Action.


One thought on “Breakfast in Chiang Mai

  1. Ha! Nice! Thanks for the tip, I actually bought some oatmeal today thanks to you!

    I usually stick to chocolate milk+peanut butter in the morning 🙂

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