I Love That Our Countdown Clock Says “15 days Ago.” That’s What We Call A *Kick Arse Dream Come True.*

For months I’ve been feeling dreadful.  What was I dreading about?  The purge.  The clean up.  To sell or rent?  Would we find a decent tenant?  What about the cars?   Js job.   Our future.  Our finances.   M’s school.   You know,  all the dizzying logistics.

It’s been crazy scary.  It’s been an emotional roller coaster.   It’s definitely hard work.  We had lots of help, especially from my parents.  Hard work indeed.  I won’t deny it.

A year ago, it seemed like we couldn’t imagine the light at the end of the tunnel.  Even back in March 2010 this process felt so daunting, so afraid that we will not ever get to this day.  I even wrote “In Agony, Aching, NOT FREE” while I was in Chiang Mai.  I re-read this post this morning and oh what a feeling.   I also just noticed that the countdown on my FB Profile indicates that the Thailand departure date was 15 days ago.

WHAT?  REALLY?  15 days ago?

Holy Cow!  WE DID IT!

That’s what we call a kick arse dream come true—  by doing it, not just dreaming it and thinking about it.

So now we are two days away from getting on the plane and heading to Thailand.  How sweet it is!   It is such a great feeling.  Feeling FREE.  Liberated.  No longer trapped, or  in agony or  in fear of not being free to live a life of our choosing, saying NO to status quo.

We own a total of 6 pieces of luggage and we are ready for you,  Thailand.  We are ready for you,  World!

Bring it!

I’m excited!   We are all excited!

That is all!


11 thoughts on “I Love That Our Countdown Clock Says “15 days Ago.” That’s What We Call A *Kick Arse Dream Come True.*

  1. Congrats, congrats! So excited for your family that you are about to embark on such a journey and can’t wait to read more about your adventures 🙂

  2. My partner and I are getting ready to do the same thing, so I was very glad to read your post. We are just to the point of quitting our jobs, with this coming Friday being our last day. We are currently living in San Francisco, but just moved here from New Orleans 2 years ago. So, we are going to drive to various places in the U.S. while making our way to N.O., spend some time there w/ family and friends, and leave for Asia the beginning of Oct. The planning has been both fun and stressful. However, now that it’s actually coming to fruition, it’s getting kind of scary!

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