My Healthy Vietnamese Spring Rolls

We’ve moved our spring rolls to a new home—–>>>  here @ 🙂 Come visit!


4 thoughts on “My Healthy Vietnamese Spring Rolls

  1. Yay!! \(^o^)/ Just like we used to make them!! I love the side of veggies that almost always accompanies Vietnamese food and I invariably order more veggies throughout the meal. A side of mint, extra cilantro, lettuce, basil, green onions etc would perfect this for me. This is an awesome post! Love it and can’t wait for the video ^_^ And I think it’s quite the honor to have the crazy foodie that Mark Migrationology is comment here too!! Roll, baby Roll!

  2. Look really delicious. I really love non-fried spring rolls. They are amazing tasting and leave you not feeling overly stuffed. I often eat similar looking spring rolls for lunch here in Bangkok so I don’t get too sleepy for work. If I can get access to a kitchen soon, I will definitely sample out this great looking recipe!

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