Daily Themes

We love finding articles, posts, photos, videos, quotes, funnies and sharing them with our family and friends.  We also like to share a lot of what we have written on our blog

We Say NO to the Status Quo.

Live Small.

Live Green.

Give Large.

Take Little.

Take Notice.

Take Action.

We not only teach M about these words, but we role-model them for her as parents.  We’ve decided to theme our days as the following in order to share information, images, tips and of course, to bring awareness  on a daily basis and well, in some organized fashion:

Trivia Everyday

We like Trivia.  We thought it might be good for our brain and yours.  Doing the research is half the fun and so, so exciting to learn new tidbits.  I don’t retain it, but I love it.  Eventually, we want to have M participating in these trivia questions and make it a family thing.  Let’s see how it goes.. it will be fun!  We don’t post one everyday but that’s our goal whenever we can!

Mindful Monday

This is about living our lives being aware of our decisions that impact not just our family, but our environment and our world around us.   Living Green, eating healthy, consuming less, being of service for the greater good,  being adequate role-models for our Emma, making appropriate choices, learning lessons and so on.   Join us in living mindfully in your life.  Start today.  Take baby steps, if you must!

Travel Tuesday


Bryce Canyon

This is all about our love for SLOW travel.   We love photography and story telling as a way to preserve, record and document for our M. We also love to share them with family and friends.  But please,  all photos on this page are property of  The Got Passport family.  If you wish to have a copy of any photos we post on this site, please be kind and ask first.

Humpday Humor

Name so nice, ya gotta say it twice!

We simply cannot go through life without a sense of humor and a lot of laughs.  Gotta laugh.  Some times we need to laugh BIG.  We need to have cathartic laughs, belly laughs, pee-in-your-pants kinda laughs.   It’s good for the brain.  If something brought a smile or gave us a hearty laugh, you can count on us sharing it with you!  Wait for it.   🙂 

We want you to chime in too–anything funny and outrageous — Share it.  Laughter is good for the soul.  Just one rule though.  We need to keep it PG-13.  This is for the entire family including little ones.

Thrifty Thursday

“It is useless to do with more what can be done with less.” -Ockham

This is part of our live small philosophy.  Live small.  Be more with Less.  Do more with LESS.  We believe that LESS is MORE.  We believe this is a concept that many people in developed nations around the world has a hard time grasping.  

We choose to live with MORE experiences and LESS Stuff.   This is who we are and we are happier living our values and believes than to hide or deny.

You can read more about it in these posts.

The Empty Lexus

My Empty Closet

How We Choose to Live Small

Purging All For New Beginnings

Foodie Friday


Identify this dish!

We LOVE food.  We strive to eat healthy by making good choices in our everyday lives.  We role-model this for M by living it 90% of the time starting at home having discussions, reading books, watching videos, etc.; then in the grocery store when we are making choices on what we put in our cart by reading labels and being aware; then in the kitchen when we cook together; then in our dining room (well when we have a dining room!) as we share our meals together.  It is something we’ve been doing since the day she was born.

We want other parents to know that it is up to you!  You make the choices, you take the lead and YOUR child will surely follow.  Make proper, appropriate and healthy choices.  You owe it to your child to live a healthy lifestyle even after you’re gone!

“What a child doesn’t receive he can seldom later give.” ~P.D. James, Time to Be in Earnest

Service Saturday


Student volunteers with J in New Orleans Gutting Homes

“Courage”: It’s not what you do once in a while that makes a difference, it’s what you do over and over again.” ~~ Barbara Urechi

Service  is really an everyday language  in our family.  Being of service doesn’t have to be only when you sign-up to volunteer at an organization or when you make a donation to one.  Service to the needy is not just during the holidays.  Signing a check (for tax purposes) and sitting on the board at a non-profit may be your thing (hey we’ve been there too), however, step out of your comfort zone every once in while to see what’s really happening.

Make yourself uncomfortable – so much so that it will move you into action.  Someone said to me once “you’re the only one doing it!”  Well heck if that was everyone’s attitude we will never get anything done.  Here is what I believe– drops turn into buckets and with enough time buckets do turn into an ocean.  Each of us can be the drop in that bucket that will surely turn into an Ocean!

We record many service projects we have participated in the past and many more awaiting us.  This is part of who we are as a family.  We invite you!  Be inspired!  Take steps in your own family, neighborhood, church, school, clubs, circle of friends…

Become the drop in the ocean!

Some people want it happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen” ~Michael Jordan

My two cents:   It’s your choice. What will it be?


Not quite know yet what we are going to do with Sunday.  Who knows where this all will lead.  We just leave Sunday as a free for all day.. like Chime in Sunday or Share your Stuff Sunday??  Or just leave Sunday alone, eh!  🙂




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