Nokia Booklet 3g- This Ride Needs a Turbo

The Nokia Booklet 3g is Nokia’s first forray into laptops (or netbooks), and my first impression was quite positive. It’s a beautifully crafted product, solid, thin, and portable. Dare I say, macbook-ish? For those of us over 40, netbook screens can be shockingly small at first, but hitting cntl+ in the browser increased the font to legible proportions.

The 3g has the additional advantage of being an “unlocked” device which means you can slide in a sim card -in a side slot- with a data plan and gain web access when wifi isn’t available. Wifi worked well, and general web browsing was great. I even noticed that the sound quality -not through the tinny built-in speakers- when attached to nice pc speakers was quite good. We enjoyed hours of music via Pandora…

So, when I look at phones or laptops, I look at them from the perspective of an online teacher and traveler. As a teacher, this would be a terrific way to keep up with online classes on the go. Battery life was terrific, as well. It also has built in gps and bluetooth as well- premium features for a netbook.

Here’s the disappointing aspect of the 3g- underneath all that beautiful skin lies the heart of underpowered motor. It’s like an underpowered sports car- nice to look at, but at times frustrating to drive. With a generic netbook processor and only 1gb of RAM, it was difficult to multitask, or even watch full screen streaming videos. When you buy a netbook at a premium price, you really want the performance to justify the price tag. Some have run Ubuntu in lieu of the existing Windows 7 OS, so it might run faster, but I didn’t try it with this machine.

In sum, while the netbook 3g has great aesthetics and feel, ultimately it’s too slow for my purposes. It doesn’t have enough under the hood for creating my online lectures, and it also struggled a bit with a skype video call and streaming videos.

It can be a terrific portable web machine, but is it worth that premium when cheaper netbooks can do (most of) the same tricks for less? Nokia, turbocharge this puppy and I’ll buy one!

Thanks as always to the wonderful folks at WOMWORLDNOKIA for sending me the booklet 3g to test drive.

This entire post was created on a Nokia N900- my current trial device, which I will blog about next.


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