Learning to live in the Present

“Smooth Sailing” must not be our family motto.  For weeks, we’ve been living in the future, anticipating our new life in Thailand.  Our home has been listed on the market, our purge seemed to be going well, with most of our large items gone, including our beloved Lexus.

Aye’s father suffered heart attack (mild to medium infarct) on Sunday, May 23. Although we did not realize that he was having a heart attack, Aye’s mom drove him to the E/R right away.  That’s when we all learned about the “cardiac event.”  Two stints were inserted, and he’s home a week later recovering.  He is lucky to be alive.

The theme of this post is short and simple: what appears to be detours or obstacles in life, is life itself. What is happening today, right now, is what matters. Instead of thinking that our living abroad plans have been derailed, we are cherishing our time with family.

Aye’s father’s illness was a wake up call in many ways. For him, it’s about a lifestyle change. For us, it’s about not taking our family, or our personal health for granted. Em’s grandpa will be fine.  As for the Got Passort family travel plans to Chiang Mai? It will happen when it happens, we just need to go with the flow and enjoy what today has to offer.


7 thoughts on “Learning to live in the Present

  1. I am sorry to hear that there was a scare but happy to hear that he is going to be okay. You’re right — living for today is so very important.

  2. Thanks for the comments y’all, and for sharing your experiences. We are indeed taking things day by day, and trying not to dwell too much in the past or future… @Audry, we’re glad you got our package, and will look forward to the pics!

  3. I’m so happy to hear that Aye’s father is going to be OK and is home from the hospital. These events are frightening, but they do remind you of what is really important and to value the little time we have with our loved ones. I just came from spending a week in North Carolina where my 93 & 94 year old grandparents live. Even though they are in good health, it was harder to leave this time because I don’t know when I’ll be able to see them again. Chaing Mai will still be there when the time is right for your family to move. Follow your heart (and your gut feeling) to tell you when the timing is right.

    I will send you shortly the photos of cooking with the kaffir lime leaves!

  4. Living in the now is the only way to live … if you are not in the now you are virtualy dead… after all you cannot be alive in the future, nor alive in the past – it’s only NOW can you be alive … and especially when travelling.

    enjoy Chang Mai – I’m a graduate of a one-day cook school there 🙂

  5. Good lesson to learn! I think it is so natural for us to be living in the future – we’ve all got dreams. But it’s also important to remember to embrace the day too – today will be gone all too soon and we can never get it back.

    For now, enjoy this time with your family and never – ever – take them for granted!


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