Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas

We left on our Summer 2009 Adventure on May 23, 2009 from Houston, Texas.  Our first stop was in Arlington, Texas to visit family before our near 3 month-long  holiday.
Amarillo was part of our First Leg.  We went from Houston to Los Angeles, camping our way through National Parks as a family in our Honda Fit. The sense of freedom we feel by traveling with our own vehicle is the beauty of going on road trips. If we want to stop at a peach ranch we found along the way near Amarillo, we can.

Or stop for some snacks at a rest area anytime  is a luxury we love having.

On our way out of Texas to New Mexico, we came across an unexpected landmark.  We just had to stop.   We drove past it, but we turned around for a quick visit.
We did not even know the name of this “car art place” until we got back from the trip.  Googled it and this is what we found.

Cadillac Ranch

This unusual art installation is located on Interstate 40/Historic US Route 66 (See Google Map).   Looking at the Google map there is Sundown Campground and Amarillo RV Park very close to Cadillac Ranch.  We did not stay at either of these places, but could be a potential for any campers interested in staying overnight in Amarillo.
We noticed other people brought their own paint and started spraying silly on these cars.  We didn’t even know it was there so it was a nice surprise.  We used some of the left over cans lying around in the area so that M would have a chance to do some painting.    We probably wouldn’t purchase our own cans of paint though even if we knew ahead of time.  We would just visit simply because it is quite a fascinating site in the middle of no where!

Next stop:  New Mexico.  The Land of Enchantment.
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Take Notice.  Take Action.

3 thoughts on “Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas

  1. What a fantastic find! Thanks for the tip. The photos are really cool, what a fantastic use of old cars. Hope I get to check it out myself some time!

  2. Where have I been? You changed your blog design and now you’re a dot org? Wow.. Loving these changes and had no idea Amarillo held so many travel treasures!

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