Join the Movement of One Day’s Wages

One Day’s Wages (ODW) is a new grassroots movement of people, stories, and actions to alleviate extreme global poverty. ODW promotes awareness, invites simple giving, and supports sustainable relief through partnerships, especially with smaller organizations in developing regions.

  • 75 million children are out of school around the world, a figure equivalent to the entire primary school-aged population in Europe and North America.
  • Nearly 900 million people do not have access to clean water. Unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation cause 80% of all sickness and disease.

Do these numbers make you want to “do something about it?”

Watch the video to move you even further towards “doing something about it!”

What is the definition of a movement?

movement (moovmant) n. –  1. a series of actions and events taking place over a period of time and working to foster a principle  2. an organized effort by supporters of a common goal.

What is the movement of One Day’s Wages?

a movement dedicated to ending extreme global poverty.

How can you be a part of the movement?

  • FIRST.  Join One Day’s Wages. Register an account through One Day’s Wages AND create your profile. Creating an account allows you to grow with the ODW community and movement.  Click here to read the benefits of becoming an ODW member.
  • SECOND. Donate your one day’s wages = approximately 0.4% of your annual salary. Many of us are so privileged and while these are tough economic times, your choice to simply invest one day’s wages can have a dramatic impact on the life of someone living under the weight of extreme poverty.  We invite you to also renew that pledge to donate one day’s wages on your birthday (or if you choose, donate ODW each month or whatever rhythm best suits you). When you donate, you can choose the option to give regularly.
  • THREE. Learn and Share your voice by engaging with others through our forums, articles, interviews, and blogs.
  • FOUR. Stories. In the landscape of the harsh realities of extreme poverty, there are stories of organizations, women, men, and children that are courageous, hopeful, and inspiring. Share them with us.
  • FIVE. Help us find organizations to support. While we’ll continue to partner with more well known organizations, our vision is to partner with smaller grassroots NGOs and CBOs around the world whose operating budget is < $100,000 US.  Have you volunteered somewhere? Have you given to some of these orgs? Are you involved in some of these orgs?
  • SIX. Spread the word about ODW. One of our strategies is to utilize technology and social media and we’ve made it easy for you to spread the word through this website.

Jack and I are quite selective when it comes to supporting causes locally and globally.    This is one cause we are committed to supporting.  Once we have settled in Thailand, we hope to work more closely  with ODW!

Take Notice.  Take Action.



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