If Audi made a phone..it would be the Nokia E72

Ahh, the third time was a charm.  My third trial phone from WOMWorldNokia was the business class E72 (See my takes on the 5800 and the E75).    Of the three, I enjoyed the company of the E72 the most.   What blew me away was the design of the phone itself.  I kept thinking of one of my favorite cars… the A8 from Audi (Aaah)…and I just couldn’t stop holding and staring at the E72 (Err, okay, my wife is giving me ‘that look.’).  Tell me you don’t see a resemblance..

Guess what?  I like buttons!  The E72 is such a solid phone, texting was a pleasure once I got used to the smallish keypad (hey it’s my first blackberry style phone, okay?).  I did NOT miss having a touchscreen.  I assumed I would not like the smaller 2.4″ screen, after using the full touchscreen 5800, but I honestly didn’t miss it.  I was able to type faster and more accurately than using a touchscreen keyboard, and found myself using it more to send emails, texts, and tweets than with any other phone.  Oh, and there are dedicated buttons functions for toggling bluetooth on/off, and for activating the LED flash to use as a flash light.  Very handy!

The multimedia features were very good (including OVI maps with voice Nav), but the podcast app was an obvious omission, which was a feature I enjoyed with the other 2 phones-hey I’m a CNET geek, okay, and I missed their podcasts during my commute.   The 3.5mm headset jack was convenient, and audio output quality was about as good as the 5800, which is saying a lot (speakerphone wasn’t quite up to the 5800 though).   What was unexpected was the decent quality of photos and videos taken with the E72 (see a sample pic of the Gotpassport ladies below).

Taken with E72 on a beautiful day in Texas

This was one phone that actually spurred me to use it more.  It was a pleasure to use, and a phone that I actually wouldn’t cover up with a case.    Can you imagine an A8 with a car bra on it??


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