Travel and Service: Therapy for the Soul?

(Disclaimer:  We are NOT providing advice about mental health treatment!)

I’m a Psychology professor with clinical training, and A is a Licensed Master Social Worker.  Both of us have had experience working with people with mental illness and individuals from various walks of life.  Traditionally, treatment for depression (as an example) focuses on either the biomedical and/or the psychotherapeutic approaches.  Those are typical approaches that a clinician would recommend, and are very effective for many people.

As part of your personal wellness program, have you considered travel?  What about service work? Many people see these activities as mutually exclusive, but we know, from our experience (including service projects with college students), how transforming travel and service can be together. We’ve taken students on service projects to New Orleans -post Katrina, as well as to Mexico border towns (when the violence wasn’t as crazy as now), and our lives, and our students’, were changed forever. Read more of this post

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