Cha Yen or Thai Tea

Yes,  another favorite of ours.  Have you had one?   Try it!

We order Cha Yen every chance we get.  Why because we’re  on a mission to find the best Cha Yen.  And yes, I consider myself somewhat of a Cha Yen snob!  It has to be REALLY tasty, milky yet still able to taste and smell the flavor of the tea to impress me!  So far, best Cha Yen we’ve had was up in Pai, Thailand last summer (2009).  It was heavenly and absolutely refreshing!

A bit of caution though, that stuff will keep you wide awake at night if you’re not careful!    But YUMMY!

How to make Cha Yen?  No idea.. check here! 🙂






6 thoughts on “Cha Yen or Thai Tea

  1. Looks… sweet.. 🙂 I’m not sure how Cha Yen is made but we’ve got something similar here in Singapore called Teh Tarik.. Literally, it means “Pulled Tea”.. basically its just tea mixed with sweetened condensed milk.. the name of this drink comes from the pulling motion that is done to add some frothy bubbles on top of the drink..

    This Cha Yen kinda looks like.. Teh Tarik, but not-mixed..? Cause you can see the milky part on top and the tea below..?

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