Why Chiang Mai Is Our Home!

Yes, you will find a very basic and simple list here.  And that’s the beauty…..

The best things in life are NOT things at all!

  • Access to Burmese restaurants in a matter of minutes AND we can request for a preferred dish.   Yes, that’s right, Noodle salad with some  fresh sliced green mangoes?   Yes,  Delish!


While in Chiang Mai, I highly recommend a visit to Hmwe Restaurant,  3/1 Soi 1 Tom Payom Rd   T. Suthep.  Take the Song Taeo (Red Bus Taxi) to Thon Phayom Market on Suthep Road behind University of Chiang Mai. If you are coming from the old city areas, cost for locals is about 20B.   See map and menu below on their blog.



  • Shopping at  local Thai markets.  And yes, we can take our own mangoes and they will add mangoes to the noodle salad  for us.  Or buy fresh ripe mangoes  from the market and they’ll cut them up for us.  Then I invite them to eat with us!  How cool is that!?


ubiquitous Thai fruit market stand
  • Guava Juice is divine!  Ever tried it?  I look forward to making our very own juice once we move to Chiang Mai, with our VitaMix!   Yeah, it’s coming with us and M, you’re going to help Mommy make smoothies and juices right?

  • Best street food at the Sunday Night Market for cheaps.  Starts at Tha Phae Gate.  Cannot miss it.  My preference is the food and the people, not so much the stuff.

  • Getting my head massaged and hair washed for 60B before walking over to the Burmese restaurant

  • Thai massages for 120B per hour.   Now that is awesome!  I may even dabble in lessons on Thai Massage.

  • Seasonal FRUITS, FRUITS, FRUITS and MORE FRUITS!  Mangoes were in season during my recent trip and I ate it up until the hour I was about to leave.    And this is why I am having my own Fruit Smoothie Stand in Chiang Mai.  🙂

  • Eating Rotis is one of my favorite activities in Thailand.  Well, OK, eating period, but for the record, I love Rotis also and so does M and J!  WE LOVE ROTEES (Yes, there are two ways to spell it)!

  • We can eat that northern Thai dish, Kao Soi, we love so much anytime of the day!  Seriously, I can eat it at  breakfast, lunch and dinner!  🙂

  • Meeting new travelers coming through Chiang Mai – ever-expanding our friendships across the globe.

On the left, the Canadian couple and we are officially friends, now that Monique has added me to her FB friend’s list!   Check out Steve and Monique’s Blog.  Then there is my  friend,  also Canadian, Jodi @LegalNomads on the right.  You can find  her blog  at Legal Nomads.

That’s Daniel of  @Eloren on the left.

Check out his self-taught Photography site Canvas of Light.

  • Visiting the Burmese restaurant and chit-chatting with our friends.
  • Meeting new local Burmese friends just about everyday and learning about their background  – FASCINATING!
  • Listening to Burmese music and watching Burmese movies and  music videos.  Occasionally, they actually play music I recognize and sing along to- Now that is pretty cool!  🙂

Our  friends

  • Access to a Burmese Wat and Monastery where we can visit Burmese monks.  And of course, access to many, many Wats in general.  Oh what a blessing that is!
  • Get pants, shirts, skirts fixed or made anywhere and yet, won’t cost an arm and a leg like it would  in the US.
  • If and when we wanted to,  we buy a ticket to fly to Burma or Taiwan or India or  Indonesia or Malaysia or Japan or Korea for much cheaper than each trip we’d have to take to Asia on our two weeks vacations if we still lived in the US.
  • Opportunities to work with Burmese students.
  • Opportunities to explore future service learning projects with local universities.
  • Opportunities for us to learn Burmese and Thai.
  • Opportunities to do more good and SERVE.

We Say NO to Status Quo.

Live Small.  Live Green.  Give Large.  Take Little.

Take Notice. Take Action.




25 thoughts on “Why Chiang Mai Is Our Home!

  1. Hi, I am a 54 year old Irishman who is seriously thinking of moving to Chiang Mai permanently. I am really impressed with all you have to say. I have a budget of 980 euro that is about 1100 udollars a month. I would be really grateful to establish contact with you. I need a lot of information about Chiang Mai from someone on the ground, the information online can be conflicting. I am a simple man with simple needs, I don’t smoke and drink rarely and little. I am not into the crazy bar scene and woud like to get involved in charitable work, I already do that here in Ireland. On my wish lit woud be a 2 bedroomed house or bungalow for visitors. I would like to be in contact with you by email. My emai is ger.roche@live.ie I am not very good at this expat business and would really appreciate any assistance. Thank you very much Ger

  2. Omg! I wish I read your post before my visit to Chiang Mai in April this year. I would have wanted to go to those restaurants. I loved Chiang Mai! The 4 days I spent there to go to the Songkran were not enought o truly see the place and appreciate the culture. Perhaps I can visit again for the Songkran next year.

    Here are some things I love about Thailand including those round potato thingies you also took photos of:

  3. Oh man, I’ve forgotten how much I LOVED the Sunday Market for all the food! I just ate a nice helping of Pad Thai and those pictures made my mouth water all over again! Oh, and the fruit…. YUM! Okay, we’re going to have to make a detour sooner than later back up to CM 😉

    Awesome pix, thanks for sharing Aye!

  4. Great pictures – you made me hungry! Looking forward to eating with you! We’re friends of Jodi as well – we stayed with her in BKK & NYC. See you in a few weeks!

  5. I totally agree that Chiang Mai is a must stop in Thailand. Not only because of the wonders of the city but for all the great places that surround it in the country side.
    Can’t wait to be there again later this year.

  6. Oh wow – this list is absolutely fantastic! A couple of these are things I loved about SEA (the fresh fruits and guava) and now you’ve given me a few new ones to look forward to when I get back there! :-0

  7. Oh my god I just love the picture of all of you getting your pedicures! So awesome! Wish I were there…someday. 🙂 And also, I’m now STARVING. I want to sample everything in those pictures.

    1. Not quite settled there yet, but will be in the next few months so as far as I’m concerned it is a done deal- eh?

  8. Thanks A! It was really lovely to meet you as well, and definitely added a lot of colour and fun to my time in Thailand. I am looking forward to your return to Chiang Mai so that we can dine on some delicious Burmese food again together! Miss you!

  9. You convinced me to make the trip to Chiang Mai when I head to Thailand this winter. One question though: Why is CM so popular with the Burmese? Close to the border or another reason?

    1. Thailand as a country is a popular destination for the Burmese. % wise, you will find a lot more in Mae Sot and Mae Sai just because those are border towns. Glad you have included CM as a destination. It’s a nice calm city compared to BKK!

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