Hippy Freaks Unite!

Peace, bro...(click image for image credit)

Amazing isn’t it?  Read a few books, watch a few documentaries, become inspired to live with conscious thought, and what kind of reaction do you get from your family, friends, and colleagues?

Well, let me list a few examples:

  • I mentioned something about factory farms v. free range farms, and I got the “Look.” – Like you are a HIPPY FREAK from Mars
  • Comments like, “Ah, you are so extreme…”
  • “I know you’re so strict with food… can you eat this?..”
  • Suggested a more “service oriented” holiday tradition, and we get the “What, you don’t celebrate Christmas?”
  • Suggested more eco-friendly practices, like not buying bottled water or not using disposable flatware at get-togethers, and I hear crickets in the background…
  • It took decades before my employer decided that recycling bins were a good idea…

Well, I could go on and on about this.  It’s interesting that the more one learns about these local and global issues,  one becomes more and more a minority in your own culture.

All I can say is, we were able to get support from those who’ve also decided that living consciously is a good idea, and have put them into practice.  In this sense, Twitter has been a blessing, in that we’ve been able to connect with those with similar worldviews, who believe in the value of travel, service, living green, and eating food that is ecologically responsible (wow, I do sound like an extremist!).

So, a shout out to our fellow HIPPY FREAKS, and live long and prosper!!

Here’s our expanding library of books that have had a direct (positive) impact on how we live.  Please offer your suggestions, and how you cope being the hippy freak in your family!

We Say NO to Status Quo.

Live Small.  Live Green.  Give Large.  Take Little.

6 thoughts on “Hippy Freaks Unite!

  1. I need to bring out the hippieness from within me and get back to my jungle roots. I don’t get those types of responses but maybe I should work more to get them, that way I’d more likely be living the lifestyle.

  2. I’m proud to be a hippy freak from Mars – and to join the ranks of such fab-o hippy freaks like all of you here 😉

    Jack – I completely resonate with what you say about the more we sink into this conscious way of living – the more of a minority we become. It’s like, as we get closer to the truth, people just naturally tune out.

    As soon as it gets inconvenient… people shut down.

  3. What I really enjoy is knowing there are other hippy freaks from Mars like me out there. I spent so long thinking I was the only human being who had ever read “Silent Spring”. It wasn’t true, it was my circle of friends. I am online friends now with a much wider population, and the diversity feeds me and inspires me in new ways every day!

  4. So true. The Internet has provided a way for us Hippy Freaks to connect with like minded people and to realize that we are not alone in our “out there” thoughts. Good for you for being so aware of the environment. The more we travel and see the destruction in the world outside of our sanitized western lives, the more we see that we have to start caring en masse about the problems that the earth faces. Otherwise the human race as we know it might not last!

    1. Hey D & D,
      Thanks for the comment! I guess being an outcast is always part of the process… I recall the actor Ed BegleyJr. was considered a Hippy Freak when he went all out, with the electric car (EV1, see “Who Killed the Electric Car?”), and his super-green home. Now he’s highly regarded for being an innovator… We’ve both had the experience professionally, when we stick out necks out to try something new, only to become targets by superiors, or criticized by colleagues. So glad there are folks out there -like yourselves- who share our world view. 🙂

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