The Hunt

Yes, I’ve been hunting.  I’ve looked and I’ve looked and I’ve looked.

So far I’ve gone to several places around Chiang Mai University.  I’ve been fortunate to have many Burmese friends looking out for me.  They have taken me to various places for me to stay while I am here temporarily and places to consider after we move here.  I kinda hang out here at the Hmwe restaurant and anyone comes by with a place in mind, I tag along with them.   With an exception of a few that I found on-line and while out and about,  I took the red truck or Song Thayaw (i think that’s how it is pronounced) to get around and see the places on my own.  Clearly we need to have our own motorbike when we live in Chiang Mai and I need to learn to drive one.

So far I’ve looked at  what they call apartments,  they are basically furnished studios. I’ve seen rooms/apartments from 3,500B up to 14,000B with varying degrees of newness and spaciousness.  A couple of them even have swimming pools.  I actually like being close to the pool idea as this will make you very happy, Emma! I can just see Emma becoming one with the pool!

**While we are away from each other right now, when I am out and about I’m thinking of you and Daddy always.  Looking forward to finally being here together living here as a family.

It’s been quite a learning experience.   Here are some examples (where information is available in print/writing).

This place had a nice pool and they do not charge the use of the pool.

This one is occupied majority by locals which is kind of cool.  Some Burmese peeps live here as well.

Huay Kaew residence (above) has a pool also but costs 40B/person/per day

I am now staying at this place for the month.  Walking distance to the Burmese restaurant with free Wifi!  🙂

Quite a new building.

very clean rooms.

Quite spacious.  Nice desk and chair in the corner, but NO outlet next to it.

Bed is as hard as cement block so I had to cushion it with the comforter, as you can see here!

Oops, let’s reposition so I can  read.  There are no bedside lamps, the wall light is on the opposite side of the bed.

All the outlets are next to this TV stand.

Here is my high-tech room security!

So next up is for me to look at villages equivalent to a subdivision in the US (I think!)    I’ll look especially around the area of where Emma will go to school.

It’d be really cool if we can live in a traditional Thai house!  Really cool!

Until next house hunt report or another food post,

Cheers from Thailand,



2 thoughts on “The Hunt

  1. This has got to be rough, I’m house hunting myself in the city I live in for June and that is difficult. You are on a condensed mini hunt, best of luck I’m sure you’ll find the right one or at least a acceptable one with a short enough lease so you can change quickly if you don’t like it.

  2. So cool! I wish I were there house hunting with you! Em would love it, too, running around each place, and screaming each time she saw a pool. You know she would…
    Keep hunting, babe, miss you!

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