Ruam Mit: Sweet Coconutty Thai Dessert

Have you NOTICED?  I have, noticed that I’ve been writing about nothing but FOOD  since I’ve arrived in Thailand.  I  must write this one quickly as I am being eaten alive by tiny mosqueez– it appears that they love me here in Asia!

There’s a whole heck of a lot of walking going on in Thailand, at least for me anyway!  While I was walking around wandering in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, here and there,  I keep noticing this colorful dessert among so  many other choices of foods- amazing how much food is around me. So today, I had to try it.  It looked coconutty and I love cold coconutty desserts.

Had no idea what it is called, but bought it using sign language as I do often with many other important purchases I’ve made here in Thailand.  This one in particular was for  all of 10B (or Siep Bahts in Thai).  What a deal eh?  Ruam Mit, according to my new Thai friend (I met at the Burmese restaurant) means a mixture of variety of sweets.

Ruam Mit has simple ingredients:  coconut milk, sugar, tapioca balls (boba), corn, yes, you read correctly, CORN, sweet potato chunks, read beans, gelatin strips in different shape, size and color,  and something that smells really flowery and nice that adds to the flavor (really have no idea what it is).

It is a cool refreshing tasty dessert on a hot day.  Loved the coconutty flowery flavor.  Personally I would prefer it without the corn,  less jelly strips and more sweet potatoes and tapioca.  Or I could simply drink the coconutty flowery flavor like a drink minus all the stuff also.  (ha ha!)

For 10B this was definitely worth a try!  What will I try next?  Stay tuned!

Cheers from Thailand,



4 thoughts on “Ruam Mit: Sweet Coconutty Thai Dessert

  1. Man, I’m really missing out, and missing you, honey! Keep blogging! It’s a great way for me to live vicariously through you!

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