Pad See You or Pad Sea Euu or Pad C U

Doesn’t matter how you spell it if you sound it out correctly it is likely you are able to order this delicious dish.  This is another one of our  favorite Thai dishes.   All three of us love this dish.  You will soon find that we have many favorite Thai dishes. 🙂

I had Seafood Pad C U and during this trip,  it was my first meal in Thailand with my friend @DwightTurner.

It is made in different variations depending on where you order it.   This one in particular has lots of chili peppers in it.  Can you see the chili peppers?  It was yummy.

The basic ingredients are flat rice noodles, veggies like Chinese broccoli, bean sprouts, green onions, carrots, garlic, choice of meat, tofu or seafood with dash of fish sauce, sugar, black peppers for taste.  Peppers are optional.

I usually like my Pad C U with a lot of garlic, peppers and fresh squeeze of lime!  For generally about 20B – 30B (about 60 cents- $1) this is a great meal!


Lunch with Dwight


Umm Pad C U


Doesn’t that looks scrumptious?  Be sure to order and try this out next time you are at a Thai restaurant or in Thailand.  My mouth is watering again just looking at this picture.

I always say life would be very dull without Lime, Chili Peppers and Garlic!

Cheers from Thailand,



6 thoughts on “Pad See You or Pad Sea Euu or Pad C U

  1. Good to hear from everybody. If you’re getting hungry reading this, I have to hear about it every day here back in Texas! Great post honey, keep documenting the wonderful food in Thailand!!

  2. I missed Pad-See-Ew.. 🙂 It’s one of my favorite dish too. One basic ingredient that you missed is egg. 🙂 The best part about Thai food is most of the time you adjust the taste to your liking. Yum!

  3. Hi A
    “Pad See Ew” is the correct spelling of it (pad-c-u being the pronunciation), and here’s it’s big brother “Pad Kee Mao” or “Drunken Noodles” as it is better known, both of them are great Northern Thailand dishes!!.

    Hope your trip is going well, keep up the updates!.
    Best Wishes

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