Best Medicine for the Body and Soul

It’s been an interesting 10 days since A left for Thailand, to attend the amazing TEDxBKK conference (and more).  It’s like the Yin and Yang – one of us became rejuvenated, and one of us became ill with a really bad case of bronchitis and sinusitis (I think there was another -itis but I stopped counting).

Travel is the best medicine for our family,

especially for A.  Traveling, meeting new people, and finding ways to help others, are what I think nourishes A’s soul.  The constant movement is like fuel for her life.  All the fresh food and fruits in Thailand also nourishes her body, too.  We can’t wait to move there this summer…and if you haven’t seen our adventures in Thailand and beyond last summer, please check the archives in our blog.

As for me?  Well, let’s say the past 10 days were quite different.  The first day after A left, I had a very negative experience at work, which caused me much distress and loss of sleep.  Instead of bouncing back the next few days, I became very ill for the first time in years, with all the -itis’s mentioned earlier.   My doc ordered a quarantine of sorts, so our Emma is staying with her grandparents (A’s parents) this week while I’m home alone with my antibiotics, box of tissues, and remote control.   Very clear example of stress causing my immune system to be compromised.

Family turned out to be the best medicine for me.

Thanks to Skype, we had family conference calls, conversed via Twitter, and my in-laws and my sister dropped off groceries for me as well.  One of my favorite “treatments” was a call from my mom, who wished me well and gave her motherly advice on how to get better.  I’m almost 43 and loved it.  I’m also thinking that Chicken Soup must be the universal treatment for all illnesses.  😉  Yeah, the antibiotics might be doing its job at the cellular level, but it’s my family who is nourishing my soul this week.

Via many books we’ve read in recent years (see our library here), we’ve learned that we MUST pursue what brings us joy, and do what we’re passionate about.  This is our ultimate Family Wellness Plan.

What is the best medicine when you’re feeling your worst?  What feeds your soul?



8 thoughts on “Best Medicine for the Body and Soul

  1. Kyle is absolutely right. A good homemade broth can raise the dead, as the ancient proverb goes. Homemade stock used to be a part of most traditional diets. Bone broths are full of minerals and are an excellent digestive aide. I hope with the help of your chicken soup that you’re fully recovered by now!

  2. Sorry to hear you had a bad week, but wonderful that you had skype and family close by. I hope that your work issue has been resolved. Stress at work really can cause so many health problems.

    1. Thanks guys. The work situation is evolving and a big meeting for me on Wednesday. I’m sure it will be worth a blog post!

    1. I think that’s a worthy scientific pursuit, don’t you think? A global study of Mom’s remedies for their children when they’re sick. I’m sure someone must’ve written about that somewhere.. 🙂

    1. Good to hear from you Nomadic Chick! Personally, I am so ready to get healthy, and push myself to get in shape. I will no longer say “When I was younger, I was able to…” type statements, I want to be able to say, “I’m in the best shape of my life, NOW!”

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