Mama Noodles and Orange Yogurt Drinks

We often avoid eating fast food.  However, today, I was in a hurry because I really wanted to talk to Jack and Emma. I also needed to do laundry.  It was past Emma’s bed time by the time I got good connection in the lobby.  So I walked to a 7-11 for a quick bite to eat. Very determined,  I said to myself, today is the day for Mama’s Cup- O-Noodles and Orange Yogurt drink!  Yummy!

I grew up drinking Lassi (Indian style yogurt based drinks) and typically they are the best yogurt drinks all around.  However, since I don’t have quick access to Lassi in Thailand, I went for the Thai style yogurt drinks.  Of course, there are multiple flavors, but my favorite is the orange flava!  If you are in Thailand and haven’t tried it well, you oughta!

Now as for the Mama noodles, my favorite is the Shrimp Tom Yum flava. Uh ha..that’s the closest thing I will get to the real Tom Yum Gong.

My Breakfast Today

That pink fruit you see on the right in the picture above is pomelo and that is one of my favorite fruits. It’s  a lot like grapefruit except bigger and better! The picture you see below is what it looks like before it is peeled.

Photo Credit

There are so many different kinds of fruits here in SE Asia and they are all fruits I grew up with as a child.   My goal is to eat as many fruits as I possibly can during this trip. I know I will be back in May or June of this year to live here but still!    I have to seize the moment and eat as much fruits as I can while I am here.  So I shall update my fruit-eating-expedition often.  Stay tuned!

For dinner today, I had another round of Som Tam (which I also wrote about here).  This time i ate it with sticky rice!  Ummm!

Cheers from Thailand,


2 thoughts on “Mama Noodles and Orange Yogurt Drinks

  1. I agree about the fruit. Here in Sri Lanka we can get so many different varieties of fruit. I have never felt so healthy! I love cup of noodles too! We ate them all the time in Thailand. It was great for our budget at the time.

  2. I love it! What’s in season right now? My favorite from last summer had to be mangosteen. Keep up the great blogging, honey!

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