See You Later My “LOVIES”

Packed and ready for departure, I had a hard time releasing our group hugs at the airport.  I suppose that was bound to happen and that it was absolutely normal.  I wanted to hold both, J and M, just a bit longer and tighter.   I thought I was ready!!  As always, Emma was in a happy spirit with lots of big smiles as all children tend to be- living in the moment.

I took a long look at both, J and M.  I felt a strange and unfamiliar feeling in the pit of my gut.  Perhaps it was because I’ve not been away from them for such a lengthy period of time which is what I was about to do.   Although I have traveled alone in the past, I feel as though I was about to test an unfamiliar territory.   Traveling alone as a single woman and traveling alone as a married woman, a mother – well it’s just not the same.

J is absolutely convinced that I need this trip.  He seems so sure about this than I am.  I guess I just don’t know it,  just yet!   Scared and excited at the same time, off I went on my solo journey to Thailand.

Already looking forward to seeing both of you at the middle point, between Thailand and Houston!  Hmmm where would that be??

All My Love to Both of My LOVIES!

Thanks M for taking this great picture of Mommy and Daddy!

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