The Shock Will Wear Off When I Get To The Airport

It has certainly been very trying and emotionally taxing for me since being back to Houston.  I had no idea how much I really detest living here until we came back  in August 2009.   Most of my days have been very dark and unproductive for the past few months (perhaps, that is for another post at another time).

I’ve been paralyzed by indecision and inaction – first it was Peru (Eco Truly Park), then it was Haiti, and of course, Thailand was always a backup option.   A few weeks have passed and waiting to be deployed to Haiti is no longer the answer for now,  and I won’t be going to South America, specifically Peru, due to  flood (not completely off of our list, not the right time is all).

On Wednesday, Jack @DrGotPassport had a brilliant idea to kick me out of Houston and for me to consider attending TEDxBKK.@RichardEscobar a friend in Thailand, and by Thursday, we made a decision for me to attend TEDxBKK. He’s been in contact with

We bought the tickets on Friday and I’m leaving early next week just in time for TEDxBKK.  Certainly an unexpected journey. To say that I am feeling very fortunate is truly an understatement.   Truth is, I don’t even know where I am staying.   One thing BKK has is a plethora of lodging choices- so I don’t need to—-  worry? 🙂

As with all other adventures,  the shock does not wear off and the reality does not kick in until I’m at the airport ready to board the plane or in the car ready to take off for a road trip.

So many ideas  floating in my head.  But for now, I am going to sit and soak in the very idea that I will be in Thailand enjoying TEDxBKK by this time next week.

Of course some light packing is in order.  Most importantly,  this laptop, cameras, a smart phone and anything else I need to make sure I stay connected with family.  OK yes, I’ll admit that  Twitter, Facebook and Skype are few of the necessities for such a trip.  So armed with technology, I believe I am—– ready?

But before I sign off,  I dedicate this lovely quote to my husband @DrGotPassport:

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”   ~Lao Tzo

Next time I write on this blog, it will likely be from somewhere in Thailand.


6 thoughts on “The Shock Will Wear Off When I Get To The Airport

  1. Good luck on your trip, I’m sure your excited to get out and about. I think the more time I’ve spent reading and developing my own travel blog the more restless I become about being locked down in one location – so I can sympathize about being unhappy in Houston. Peru, if you get the chance I recommend it I really enjoyed it there and plan on moving down there once I finish graduate school (the fact that I don’t start till fall is a minor detail) As Sasha said, I look forward to reading all about it!

  2. Wow, what a cool event. I had never heard of TEDxBKK before. Great speakers and so nice to see Bruce Poontip and Daniela Papi speaking. Two fabulous people. Hope this inspires you and gets you out of your funk!

  3. Have a safe journey to Bangkok, I know just what it’s like to be back living in a place temporarily that you dont feel comfortable in, so it sounds like Jack knew just the right thing by sending you to TED. 🙂 Looking forward to your TED coverage!

  4. Indecisiveness is one of my biggest problems there’s just to many things i feel i need to do places to go to but not enough time or just not the right time to do them. I’m so excited for you attending TEDxBKK enjoy the experience!!! Look forward to reading all about it!!! 🙂

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