Breaking Out The “Monster” New Nikon DSLR D5000

One of our nieces just had a 16th birthday (wow, she’s 16 already?  those years slipped by very fast), so we took a quick road trip to Austin.    It was a beautiful day here,  but VERY cold today.  The temperature was in the 40’s (but 30’s with windchill and that’s VERY cold for us here in Texas).

We arrived to the Fortune Restaurant for Dim Sum at lunch time.  We were told this is one of the top Dim Sum restaurants in Austin.  We were not disappointed.   There were 14 of us so you can imagine the food that kept coming to the table.. ummm ummm!  Everything was good, yummy, delish!

Happy Sweet 16 Caitlin!

Photo Credit

After that yummy lunch, we decided to visit a nearby temple that we thought was a Buddhist temple.  Turns out it was a Taoist temple according to Jack’s farther.  While we were there a group of young kids were practicing Lion Dance in preparation of the Lunar New Year in the parking lot.

A great opportunity to bring out our new monster camera (yeah, uh ha, monster to us!)

All the temple pictures were taken with the new Nikon DSLR D5000. So many buttons and so much to learn!  Still trying to figure out how to use it.    What do you think??

While in Austin, Emma also lost her second front tooth. Actually, she sort of twisted it off!  🙂  This one below and the cake (first picture) was taken with Jack’s New Nokia 5800 he received for a 2 week free trial (yes, they found him on twitter and asked if he wants to try it out.  Of course, he said yes!)

Able to write and finish this post because of FREE Wifi at Ramada Inn where we are staying.  Breakfast was included also.  The thing about these breakfasts is that there’s really nothing healthy about them.  Disappointed there are no Fruits and eating this kind of breakfast is not bad if we don’t do it every day.  Moderation!  We have our own mini clementines which Emma loves.

Budget Hotel = Free Wifi

Fancy Hotel = Prepare to Pay for Wifi


3 thoughts on “Breaking Out The “Monster” New Nikon DSLR D5000

  1. What a gorgeous toothy (or should I say toothless?) grin!

    Just wanted to add a big Hip hip hooray for budget hotels with free wifi – it’s what makes writing on the road possible. I’m writing from a hostel in the Bocas del Toro, Panama. It’s such a simple thing, so cheap for the hotel/hostel owners, but so effective. I stayed at a five-star hotel in Peru where they had the nerve to charge US$10 for 24 hours of wifi. I was NOT impressed!

    Finlally – great photos, really colourful.

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