Atlanta, Georgia 2002

In the previous post “Dilemma” I wrote from my heart and soul unsure of what to do, overwhelmed by my own emotions.   Since that post on 1/14/10, I’ve done nothing but obsessed about the tragedy in Haiti.

  • I have read and shared just about every update that comes across my computer screen.
  • I’ve been following individuals tweeting from the ground simply making myself become a  MAD WOMAN!
  • I’ve vowed to post nothing unrelated due to the gravity of the situation in Haiti, a disaster of  epic proportions in Haiti’s history.
  • The following message was sent to our “followers” on Twitter “Are we losing followers because we are tweeting nothing BUT Haiti Issues?  Then be it! Go walk out the door, you’re not welcome here anymore”
  • Followed that up with  something like “Anyone else?  Take your exit now!  We’re not stopping anytime soon.  We are Got Passport: Will Travel, We’ll Serve.  Get it?”
  • I guess in many ways, I was disappointed at how quickly everything went back to “business as usual” or at least it seemed that way, to me.
  • Jack and I have decided to follow lead of another blogger to donate  $2 for every comment left on our Haiti Post.   (We thought this would be a way  to build community in the midst of a calamity in sharing information.  Perhaps, we can bring positivity to what we do as bloggers with our on-line friends).

I suppose it is a process for me,  an emotional roller coaster of sort, but NOTING,  compared to the suffering in Haiti.

Today,  I reflect on  a day designated and dedicated to a man who lived his life with clarity about service and leadership.  There are so many quotes that I could refer to,   but I will go with this one from  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’

Dr. Paul Farmer of Partners in Health said it quite plainly.

“Haiti has a lot to teach us about how to climb out of hell, and they need us now more than ever!”

There are many reasons.   The important thing is that I now know in my heart what I need to do.

There is clarity!

Building Back Better by Paul Farmer.

Atlanta, Georgia 2002


4 thoughts on “Clarity

  1. I love the passion you have with this project. I for one say keep up the good work. It is always good to see someone become so passionate about such gut wrentching disaster.

    1. thanks Eric for your support. I am hoping for another email but maybe I didn’t respond fast enough. Either way, I’d like to be there in Haiti in some capacity!

  2. It’s clear this tragedy resonates with you deeply. I’m all for it, because what you’re trying to convey is the uplifting of humanity – nursing our fellow person (man, woman or child). Keep it up, it’s people like you who bring about change. Martin Luther would be proud!

    1. I feel supported knowing you’ve read the post and left me a comment. Thanks. Hoping and waiting for another email.

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