Our Resolutions Before Summer 2010

Well, it’s about time!  Err, I meant, Happy New Year!

We’ve been living in the future, so to speak, awaiting for 2010 ever since we made the decision to relocate to Thailand beginning summer of 2010.  Now that we’re in the new calendar, it feels more REAL o us than “yesterday!”  We’ve moved before, but not internationally (not counting moves to U.S. when we were young, when our parents took care of all the details).

So,  here’s our evolving “BHAG” (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) To Do list for 2010:

  1. Register Emma for her new international school.
  2. Finalize with my college to teach online while overseas.
  3. Foster contacts in Thailand for future service projects.
  4. Sort things we’ll take, toss, store, or recycle.  Our Ebay account is going to get busy!
  5. Gather clothing and other items for donation, most likely to Houston area Burmese refugees.
  6. Learn photography, from step 1.  We bought our first DSLR, let’s see how we’ll put it to good use…
  7. Put our town house on the market.
  8. Sell both cars in early summer.
  9. Find a place to live in Thailand.
  10. Lastly, make more time to contribute to our family blog.  My wife, Aye, has done a great job running our blog, and I want to play a greater supportive role, and to show y’all I do more than just drive us around! 🙂

Well, I”m looking forward to sharing with you our adventure for 2010!  Feel free to leave comments along the way, including suggestions & advice from your experiences as well.



20 thoughts on “Our Resolutions Before Summer 2010

  1. Good luck on the move- there will be much to look forward to! 6 months ago, I decided to take a gap year, challenge myself w/ traveling solo & living abroad. In one month, I packed up my life in NYC, shipped my stuff home to Hawaii & this Feb will be moving to S.Korea. The moving process is quickly doable when you dangle that carrot over your task list & its a great feeling to know you’re going forth on your dreams.

    Just finished my first solo trip to Thailand this past Nov & loved it! It’s an enviable place to live! Your Thai blogs helped me enjoy it more. Your motorcycle blog really inspired me to try my hand w/ 2 wheely transportation when I was there. Thanks for sharing that Jack Keroac spirit and hope you keep up the Thai postings when you get there!

    1. Hey there.. great to see you here also. So great to hear about your big move to South Korea. You never know, we’ll have to look you up when we come visit. Thailand is a great place and we are definitely looking forward to our move. Yes, we’ll probably have so much to share about Thailand once we are there. Definitely look us up when you are in Thailand. 🙂

  2. Good luck on the move. My husband and I worked in an international school in Bangkok for 5 years. Our twins were born there, so we have very fond memories. Best of luck!

    1. Wow, that is pretty cool. We are ready to make some memories of our own. Thanks for coming by and leaving us a comment. Great to see you here and on Twitter. 🙂

  3. Hey Adam, thanks for the comment. Yes, we’ll try to post about our photography ‘lessons’ as we go. Since we’re relative newbies, perhaps others can benefit from our experiences. I just remember both of us being frustrated in the antelope canyons in AZ last summer, trying to get low light shots of sun rays shining into the canyon… It’s times like that that motivate us to learn more about photography… Please tweet photo tips to us anytime, we need them!

  4. As you learn photography, please share your best tips!! I don’t have a DSLR but I did spend a decent chunk of money on a quality camera. Though, like I mentioned on my site, I may be spending too much time on photography and less on life. Let me know your thoughts on the subject once you’ve started playing with your new camera!

  5. wow! a few months from now you’ll be in Thailand. Goodluck to the three of you 🙂

    don’t forget to invite us in your house warming party hehehe


    1. Hey Flip! Feel free to visit, just give us 24 hours to tidy up the place. No, just 2 hours will do, now that we’ll have less stuff! 🙂 Looking forward to keeping up with your India journey as well. Cheers!

    1. Hey Monkey! I think it’s healthy to keep the mindset that our time on earth is short – not so that we’ll rush around crazy-like, but so that we treat life with some sense of urgency, and not find ourselves being too content and linger….

  6. Michelle and I decided we want to come visit you as soon as you get settled. We’ve been looking for an adventure for just the two of us and Thailand might be what we’re looking for and have our own personal tour guides to boot. With that said, do we get to take part in selecting a new place for you to live? 🙂

    Happy New Year,

    Mike & Michelle

    1. Happy New Year!! You peeps are welcome to visit as long as you are visiting Aye and Em too, you know, the entire package or the entire Empire as we like to call ourselves! 🙂

      Maybe we should have a “pick a place to live for Got Passport family in Chiang Mai” contest! What do you think??

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