What We Love About #PwP 2009

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”   ~~Anne Frank

What we loved about the Passports with Purpose Project:

  • We got to jump for joy, screamed and tweeted with delight right  here in our living room when we saw THE tweet from @WanderLuster aka Beth Whitman that  PwP has reached its goal of raising $26K ($27,000 +)
  • The hard work of so many passionate, kindhearted and generous folks around the world took us over and beyond the finish line.   What a feeling it is to witness so many joining together for a worthy cause.  (You know like that song “What a feeling” from the movie FlashDance)   🙂
  • As many fundraising and volunteer efforts as we’ve been  involved and participated in, each of them have inspired us to do more in different ways.  This is our very first to raise funds over the internet using social media like  Twitter and Facebook.   Let’s just say this was a good learning experience.
  • Allowed Aye to channel her passion and energy into something just as meaningful (because there are days when  blogging about travels just isn’t enough it seems, being of service is just as important).
  • Over the last few weeks we’ve become twitter friends with so many “Tweeps” and have gotten to know a little more about these friends:  that is never a bad thing in our book.
  • There is enough to not only build a school,  but a veggie garden, a school teacher, a school nurse, bookcases with books in them, water filter for clean water, and meals for the children.    How wonderful is that?
  • It is our understanding that the school may serve 200-400 students per year.  Essentially, with continued support from kind donors like you and me, it will continue to serve thousands more students in the future. 
  • Isn’t it wonderful to know that these Cambodian children will be smiling big in June 2010 knowing they have a shot at education and a better life, no longer running about working, probably harder than me, rain or shine, selling arts and crafts barefooted.
  • We look forward to visiting this school and meeting the children in person sometime in 2010.

We all made that happen, together with amazing leadership from founders, relentless support from sponsors,  Travel bloggers and last,  but certainly not least, the donors.

Glad we signed up to twitter (because that is how we found out about PwP) and we are truly thankful for the opportunity to participate.

Happy Holidays to all.


Speak your mind:  Tell us what you liked about your participation.  Remember, if you Re-tweeted ,  you participated!

4 thoughts on “What We Love About #PwP 2009

  1. I was jumping and screaming for joy here in Taipei, too! It’s an incredible and amazing thing to be a part of and I’m so glad that I got the chance to participate this year. Like you, I also found out about Passports with Purpose through Twitter. The power of Twitter prevails! 😀

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