Why We Support Passports with Purpose #PwP 2009

This post was written for www.PassportswithPurpose.com during the campaign for fundraising.

I was born in Rangoon, Burma.  I lived there until I was 12.  Our entire family moved to the US in 1980 to gain better opportunities and live a better life, thanks to my wonderful parents  Today, because of the opportunities I’ve been given, including a graduate degree, I can safely say that we have everything we need and MORE in our lives.  We are truly thankful.

  • Traveling to places like Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, and Mexico have provided us with rich experiences as well as sad ones for me and my husband, @jackventures.
  • Our visits to Mae Tao Clinic, Mae Sai and Mae Sot, Thailand as well as working with the Refugees in Texas remind me not to ever forget my roots and that I have a responsibility as a human being to always be a voice for those who will never have a voice.
  • Each visit to Burma is a reminder of how fortunate we truly are and we don’t mean just in material things/stuff.
  • Our Medical Missions to rural Mexico are a constant reminder that we have a good life, solid roof over our heads, access to electricity and clean water, health care (as long as we can pay for it), and organic food because we have choices.
  • Our recent trip to Cambodia gave us the opportunity to see the real need of the people there, including the children.

Yes, we have the freedom and the choice to surf the internet when we feel like it, we have the freedom to take an on-line class if we are so willing, we have the freedom to enroll our daughter in a Montessori School of our choice, we have the freedom to purchase learning materials on-line instead of driving to the store, we have FREEDOM and we have CHOICES Not so much for so many human beings in other corners of the globe, often voiceless and forgotten.

Joining force with Passports with Purpose was an easy decision for us.   We strive to focus all year round on giving not just monetarily, but our time and attention to those without a voice and those who can never repay us.

Last year, we asked family to donate to Kiva or a charity of their choice.  This year, during the holiday season, we have asked our family to donate to Passports with Purpose instead of purchasing gifts for our family.

So in my mind’s eyes, I imagine the following- come along with me and imagine as well:

  • a school is built with classrooms where a teacher is ready to do her part,
  • books to be read inside the bookcases,
  • computers available, ready to be utilized,
  • solar panels to power the computers,
  • a water filter installed for clean water,
  • a vegetable garden outside and
  • most of all, smiles and joy of laughter and perhaps even tears of joy from children, who now have an opportunity to a better life, because of us, because of YOU!
  • I imagine that and I find myself wanting to do more , and give voice to those who will not have it otherwise.

Hats off to the founders of Passports with Purpose, fellow sponsors, many travel bloggers committed to recognizing that Education gives children an opportunity to a better life.


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