A Gift That Keeps Giving

Looks like Passports with Purpose has raised nearly  $19K as of December 14th and our school is now a certainty.  “It will be built in the Preah Vihear region of Cambodia.  We also know that it will open in about six months — June of 2010 is our current best guess.   In this final week of giving, we would like to raise another $7500 to provide a school garden, cook and gardener.  This addition ensures that each child gets one nutritious meal each day – a huge contribution in a country that is estimated to have the highest rate of malnutrition in Southeast Asia (almost half the children in Cambodia are malnourished).” These are the words of Beth Whitman, one of the founders, of Passports with Purpose.

Got Passport family has a tradition of supporting charities as well as participating in service work year round. During the holidays we often ask family to donate to our choice of charity or theirs.  Last year we gave to Kiva and St. Jude.  This year we are proud to report that in addition to sponsoring, we have asked our family to direct their attention to Passports with Purpose.    They’ve been asked to give to help build a school in Cambodia instead of buying us a gift that we likely will NOT NEEDWe feel the need is greater in another corner of the world. like the children of Cambodia getting an education.
You could say our preferred Gift is the  Gift that keeps on GIVING.

So please join us and so many others travel bloggers today!

Donate  $10 today and be eligible to win amazing prizes.  When I say amazing prices, I mean out of this world travel prizes.

It is a Win-Win!  How can you go wrong with that kind of giving?

Click here to Donate!


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