I SUCK at this *writing* stuff!

That’s me as in Aye @BhagNow, NOT Jack as in @JackVentures.  He does just fine when he writes here and on his other blog over at “Not So Deep Thoughts” At least it feels that way for me anyway.

Yes, I had to write when I was in the “9-5” world,  but I wrote the ever-so- interesting pieces like operations manuals, policies, proposals, evaluations, performance reviews,   monthly and annual reports.   Oooh the fun of writing in my world then, can you just imagine!??

This Travel Writing thing is more creative writing, and I suck at it.

We really do have so many stories to tell about our travels over the years as a couple, with our child, mother daughter travels as well as girls-get-aways.  For some strange and unshakably annoying reason, I get stuck when I start to tell our stories and the stories feel dry and bland–ahhhh, just suffocating.

Over the past few months, I’ve stumbled upon many blogs with beautifully written posts.  I am drawn to them.  I cannot stop reading them mostly because I can relate to most of them.   When I discovered Almostfearless a few months back I was well beyond words.  I could not read Christine’s posts fast enough.  Everything related to Location Independence, I have read about it. Am I any better at planning for our up and coming Location Independent Family– hmmmm!

I also follow blogs like Problogger.  Some of the technical stuff I read go WAY over my head- leaving me frustrated not being able to figure out how to do things on this damn blog,  how stumble upon is supposed to work, how anything works on the internet, actually.  So much advice out there about how to, how not to, why you shouldn’t stop, why you should blog– I’ve probably read about all of them too. Maybe I’m information overloaded by now…. hmmmm!

Some days I’m  really really passionate about it, full of ideas!!  Other days, not so much!

And frankly, at this point, I’m stuck.  I’m not sure what else I can tell you about this other than that I think I’ve made it *somewhat* clear that I’m feeling really down and blue about this “not being able to write very well”  thing and not being able to figure out the technical side of blogging!!

Does it get better?  Or Am I doomed?

One good thing I look forward to is working with like-minded women and the founders of Passports with Purpose! Causes like these give me the joy to go on and keep trying.

Now, I hope I can write a decent post about that!


5 thoughts on “I SUCK at this *writing* stuff!

  1. hi everyone– that felt good to vent! thanks so much for all the support. I needed exactly that, support from women who are doing the work.

    I actually felt better – it was Cathartic release. We have about 19 drafts sitting in the folder waiting to be finished…

    I am definitely taking your advice here!! Thanks everyone. hugs!

  2. I feel your pain, Aye! I struggle with the very same things! I also want to develop my writing to the point I can be location independent, but somedays that seems very far away. I read all of these lovely blogs and think, “How did they get there?” But I keep plugging along and then the words and ideas flow and I think maybe I can. I really like your style and think you will be just fine. Keep your chin up and keep writing!

  3. I’ve been travel writing for almost a decade and I still suck. Don’t worry about it. Seriously. Just find a little nugget from your travels and write like you are telling your friend a story. Be yourself and have fun.

  4. Just keep writing! Your writing is great to begin with, but I think it takes a while to really find your “blogging voice.” Nothing helps more than writing several posts a week.

  5. Don’t beat yourself up, Aye! I think you are an amazing writer and I always look forward to your post. You have your own voice and it’s a unique and great voice in this vast blogging world.

    I sometimes feel the same way especially right after the trip. I feel like I have so many things to write about but nothing can form into a good post. I just have to take a step back and slow down my brain. 🙂 Hope you will find your writing inspiration back again.

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