RAJ GHT – Resting Place of Mahatma Gandhi

RAJ GHT meaning “King Court”  marks the place where Mahatma Gandhi was cremated on 31 January 1948 in Delhi, India.    A memorial to the father of the nation, Raj ghat is a simple square platform, a black memorial stone with “Hey Ram” inscribed on it.   “Hey Ram” meaning “Oh God” were the last words uttered by the Mahatma before collapsing after being shot.

On 29 January 2008,  while 60th anniversary remembrance ceremonies were being held, we arrived to Rajght with our friendly tour guide, also a Buddhist Burmese Monk (this honorable Monk helped us make all necessary arrangements of our entire Buddhist Pilgrimage in India and Nepal!- yes, it was an amazing journey– more on that in anther post!)




A visit to this memorial while in India in and of itself is a way to show my respect to Gandhi’s extraordinary life, and his message.  Alive with vibrant  flowers, beautiful greenery, sounds of children’s laughters,  the Great Mahatma Gandhi lives on eternally in our hearts and by the eternal flame.   Being in India felt very surreal to  me at the time– somewhere in the back of my mind I kept thinking  “wow, pinch me, am I really here??”


As a citizen of the world and a mother I feel it is my responsibility to teach my daughter the message of great thinkers and conscientious leaders like M. K. Gandhi.  And that is about working hard, being kind and respectful, playing fair,  taking responsibility- and never forget to share and say Thank you!

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”   ~~Anne Frank

I look forward to the day when I return to Raj Ghat with my  husband J, and our daughter m, once we get settled in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

“Action expresses priorities.”  Mahatma Gandhi

If there’s ever an opportunity, when you are in Delhi, India, I encourage a visit to this historical landmark.  You won’t regret it~




11 thoughts on “RAJ GHT – Resting Place of Mahatma Gandhi

  1. Raj Ghat garden is nice ,the zimbabwe power company students that visited there in 2012 SEPT enjoyed themselves it was worth the while to see where the great man Gandhi is resting.The street kidz are a spectacular show there

  2. This is an amazing post on so many levels. Your pictures are beautiful and they really help me get a sense of this special place.

  3. thanks for taking us along on your journey. my life is my message made me think of the Quaker idea — let your life speak. two sides of the world, same coin.

    1. Wow, Anil, an amazing and powerful read it must be. Good for you for taking the time! Thanks for being here.

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