An afternoon at Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles, California

Manhattan Beach

While visiting and recovering from Jet-lag in LA, we met up with Jack’s college buddy, Liren, from UT. He took us to Manhattan Beach and just so happened the 6-man volleyball tournament was in full swing while we were there. We tried out Pinkberry (fro-yo) on the way, soaked in some sun on the beach, watched package play in the sand and water looking for seaweed with Liren, buried pkg in the sand for a few minutes, checked out the mini aquarium, and had cheese pizza at the Manhattan Pizzeria. Wow, it was crowded with lots of tanned bodies!  Busy beach

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3 thoughts on “An afternoon at Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles, California

  1. Wow, so you live 3 miles up north of MB! Lucky you and thanks Maria, for your comments. We actually had a very nice time catching up with our friend and spending time watching the chaos on the beach that day. 🙂

  2. You picked one of the craziest weekends in MB to check it out! 🙂 The 6 Man is officially insane… the AVP tournament is as well. There was also an international surf festival in all the beach cities this weekend. I actually avoided the whole beach scene this last weekend (I’m currently living about 3 miles north of MB) because of the crowds. I hope you still had a good time, though. MB is a fun city for sure, and their pier area is one of the best around here.

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