In love with Thai Fruits

Wonder if it’s because we’re of Asian descent, that we just love the fresh fruits here in Thailand.  We cannot let a day go by without hitting any nearby open market for fruits.  As we edit this post, we’re enjoying yellow watermelon and mangosteens, as well as fresh durian.    It is our sincere hope that visitors coming to Asia will venture outside of their comfort zones (you know, apples and pears…) and try something new.    We not only discovered new favorites, but were also able to relive childhood memories.

Aye’s memories of Burma:

As a child, custard apple seeds were dried and used to play games (like marbles).  Fresh green mangoes dipped in fish sauce & chili pepper (hey don’t make that face!) was a common delight.  Fruits are usually dipped in a sauce, and today Aye loves to use “chili con limon” powder from Mexico & fresh lime with her fruits (but not durian, that is eaten straight up).

Jack’s memories of Taiwan:

In a Taiwanese household, it’s common for hosts to offer guests fresh fruit with hot tea, and during our last visit to Taiwan in ’08, Jack’s family fed us guava, rose apples, and tea all day…well there was the fresh corn, snacks, dried stuff, fried stuff, etc.

Emma’s new memories:

Discovering new favorites, like durian, and longan.  (Actually whatever fruit we mention, she calls it her favorite…)

Please visit our our photo gallery (with commentary) of Thai Fruits on Facebook.

The biggest consumer of fruits in Thailand is....
The biggest consumer of fruits in Thailand is....

2 thoughts on “In love with Thai Fruits

  1. I love longan, rambutan, jackfruit, star apple, mangosteen, even mangos dipped in ‘bagoong’ – a Filipino version of fish sauce (very pungent). But I don’t know why I’m just not into durian…
    Glad to see that your little one is enjoying nature’s bounty 🙂 That’s what I miss most about Asia…

  2. Durian! The legendary fruit of Asia. Either love it or hate it. Me, I like it, even though it smells kinda funny! Cute pic of the little one! 😀

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